The Unapologetic Nonconformist

Sak Pase!

I’m Magda Desir – the unapologetic nonconformist! I’m a girl from the #CHI who lived an unconventional life which lead me to name myself the unapologetic nonconformist! I do not follow societal norms (well, not all of it). I say things that are on your mind that you would normally NOT say OUT LOUD! I mean that’s how I live life – OUT LOUD! Live yo’ life, y’all! It’s the only way to be your TRUE & AUTHENTIC SELF!

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About Me

You’ll learn a lot about me. I have a podcast called Unloaded & Uncovered with Magda Desir where I talk about my life, how I got to where I am, the things that are happening in my life, relationships, sex, dating, Haitian culture (the good & bad) and whatever else I feel like talking about! I’ll have guest on there too so…

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You can find me on IG as @haitiansensation13 and on Facebook as my government name: Magda Desir. I’ll be adding my podcast soon! Stay tuned!